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The Interkan Concept, born from the vision of becoming the first organization to provide integrated solutions and services in industrial packaging in the 1990s, became a reality in 1992 when our founder, Hüseyin YILMAZ, established it in a small shop on Gazcılar Street to meet the demands in industrial packaging. What was once just an idea back then has not changed today; it has evolved day by day. The discipline of delivering only quality, correct, effective products from producers to customers at the right time, right price, and through the right processes became the core principle.


In our rapidly changing world with evolving conditions and habits, "packaging" has now become a primary factor that influences many decisions. Investments made and determined steps taken in the field of packaging have played a significant role in the product's development, in line with the sectoral vision of the Interkan Concept.


In 1997, Interkan transformed its establishment in Bursa into a Logistics Center. Subsequently, it continued its integration with the opening of branches in Eskişehir in 2001, Istanbul in 2002, the establishment of its Logistics Hub in Bursa Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone in 2004, and finally, the opening of the Manisa branch in early 2006.

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