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"Our Inexhaustible Capital is Our Human Resources."

The fundamental goal of our Human Resources Policy is to be a company that our employees take pride in being a part of, where they feel a sense of responsibility and happiness.


In our company, Log-Analysis-Reporting Systems, which was announced in accordance with the LawNo.5651 and published in the official gazette dated  01.11.2007 and numbered 26687 with the name of “Regulations on Internet Use Providers” are applied.

ARTICLE 1 – The aim of this regulation is to regulate the principles and procedures regarding the obligations, responsibilities and controls of corporational internet use providers and internet mass use providers for commercial purposes.

ARTICLE 2 – This regulation has been prepared on the basis of Law No. 5651 on Arrangement and Combating Crimes Committed through these Publications dated 4/5/2007.

ARTICLE 3 – In the implementation of this Regulation;

a) Institution: Information Technologies and Communication Authority,
b) Information: The meaningful form of data,
c) Access: To gain access to internet connection by any means,
ç) Access Provider: Operators and real or legal person who provides internet access providers and subscribers with access to the internet environment,
d) Filtering System: Software and hardware preventing access according to web address, domain name, IP address, word and similar criteria in the internet environment,
e)Access Records: Sharing the IP address information distributed on their internal networks, start and end time of use and the information showing the single network device number (MAC address) of the computers using these IP addresses, the destination IP address, sharing one or more IP addresses to the users via ports. Real IP and port information allocated to the user in the internet access service provided by the method,
f)Internet environment: The environment created on the internet that is open to the public and excludes from communication or personal or corporate computer systems,
g) Internet mass use provider: Real and legal persons who provide the opportunity to use the internet in a certain place and for a certain period of time,
ğ) Workplace: Public place opened and operated by real or legal persons operating as internet mass use provider for commercial purposes,
h) Permit: The permission given by the administrative authority to open and operate the workplaces covered by this regulations,
ı) Law: Law refers to the law no.5651,
i) Local Administrative Chief: Governor in provinces, district governor in districts including those within the boundaries of metropolitan municipality,
j) Fixed IP address: The IP address is used by devices connected to a certain network to send data to each other via the network, which does not change according to time, session and can be determined and changed by the system administrator,
k) Responsible Manager: The person who is authorized instead of the holder of the permit when he/she is not available at work,
l) Internet mass use provider for commercial purposes: Real persons and legal entities that provide internet mass use provider services for a certain fee in the internet hall and similar public places, or that allow games to increase knowledge and skills or develop intelligence in computers,
m) Data: Any value that can be processed by a computer,
n) Supervisory Commission: This commission is composed  of five members including deputy of mayor, deputy of provincial health director, deputy of directorate of national education,  gendarmerie command of public security and district police department. These people work according to the regions they are responsible for.


We acknowledge human as the most precious being in all stages of our business activities.

We perceive our employers, directors and employees as a family while perceiving our company as a home.

Our priority is to create safer and healthier workplaces by mitigating the risks of incidents that may occur.

We are in compliance with the laws, regulations, and by-laws in regards to occupational health and safety.

In this respect, Interkan commits to;

  • Allocate resources for occupational health and safety activities.
  • Offer trainings to improve occupational health and safety awareness of employees.
  • Take precautions to minimize the risk of occupational accidents.
  • Ensure the supply and usage of suitable personal protective equipment.
  • Target zero occupational accidents and diseases.


  • We sustain customer satisfaction with the quality of our service and products within the Industrial Packaging Sector.
  •  We improve our company image as a reliable corporate entity within the current and future markets.
  •  We support the development of our employees in terms of high productivity and work responsibility.
  • Poliner ensures continuous improvement and product quality performance through the implementation of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System in all operations.
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