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To meet customer demands by providing integrated solutions and services in the industrial packaging sector, to be a leader in production and design, to be an environmentally conscious company, and to always prioritize quality.


Poliner, established to effectively meet the industrial packaging material needs of the automotive, textile, food, beverage, appliances, marble, and chemical sectors, as well as their related industries, aims to become one of the leading, exemplary, and successful companies in its industry. It does this by taking new steps in line with customer demands and expectations, ensuring real and lasting customer satisfaction, and expanding its portfolio with new packaging materials and equipment.


Through its organization that provides materials, machinery, and technical services under ideal conditions, Poliner offers smartly developed options with the world's most advanced technology in custom packaging solutions.


To maintain our leadership in the field by producing economical, high-quality, and effective solutions tailored to customer needs in the industrial packaging sector and to always provide the best service to our customers.

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