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  • Environmentally Friendly
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Sustainability is a fundamental concept at the core of our business. Interkan Packaging is a brand that prioritizes people and believes in "green production." We have designed our entire system with the goal of creating a better future.

Sustainability is generally defined as meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. At the core of Corporate Sustainability in our company is the philosophy of ensuring our quality of life without compromising it, and enabling future generations to benefit from the world and its resources as much as we do. Therefore, in our business strategies, we aim to create long-term value by focusing on ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic concepts. We are also conducting the following activities within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by United Nations member countries:

• We carry out recycling activities in one of our facilities.

• We implement practices to promote the idea of recycling among people in our area, starting with our employees.

• We collaborate with local institutions on energy efficiency in our production facilities.

• We implement various social compliance standards (such as Sedex) in our businesses and undergo periodic audits.

• In addition to tracking our financial goals, we also set environmental goals and monitor performance data

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