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Poliner Plastic

Poliner Plastic was established in Bursa, in 1993, in order to meet the packaging needs of different sectors from food to automotive, textiles to furniture, white goods to the marble industry; and to offer specialized solutions and products to their customers. Our Bursa, Istanbul, Manisa and Eskişehir offices and logistic centers work together effectively while covering a wide geographic area with experienced staff.

Fast, flexible and customer-oriented solutions for industrial packaging.

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We also offer Consulting Services for Optimum Packaging Solutions

Packaging Products

We produce High Performance Plastic films that are compatible with Manual and Automatic Packaging Machines.

Packing Machines

We produce packaging machinery and equipment that are suitable for your industry and your needs. We also provide technical service and assistance.

Our News

Fifth Traditional Iftar Dinner

Our Iftar Meal organization hosted the Interkan-Poliner family in Bursa at the Altın Ceylan Facility on Saturday, May 11, 2019….

2019 Kariyer.net Respect to human Award

The 18th kariyer.net Respect To Human was announced with a ceremony held within the scope of the human resources meeting….

We Renew Our Corporate Identity

After the long studies, our new logo was introduced. It combines the power of our past experiences with the needs…